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The early-stage Lucifer property consists of four concessions comprising 159.29 hectares situated in the northeast part of Durango state, Mexico. The claims were registered by Apolo with the Mexico Mines Bureau in 1998. Historical exploration has reportedly identified lead, zinc, silver, and lesser amounts of gold and copper mineralization of the carbonate replacement type.

  • Distal Skarn & Hidrothermal mineralization hosted in Indidura Fm Limestones and intruded by multiple Rhyolithic Porphyry.
  • Located only 13 Km back of Platosa Mine and 8.5 Km NE of former Peñoles Ojuela Old Mine.
  • Target: CRD (Polymetallic Skarn), within Carbonate Replacement Deposit (CRD) Mexican Belt with 40% of mexican silver production (Major - Low Cost mines of Minera Frisco, Peñoles, Grupo México  and Goldcorp)
  • 159.2 Hectares
  • Hydrothermal mineralization disseminated in altered volcanic tuff, apparently feeders are blinded
  • Located only 5 Km north of Guadalcazar Village, San Luis Potosí, to 100 Km of Cerro San Pedro Mine and 200 Km of Charcas Mine.
  • Target: Open Pitable Disseminated Gold Project
  • 2671.09 Hectares